Skin Brightening / Glow

Skin Brightening/Glow

Our skin becomes dull due to stress, pollution and advancing age.

A good way to take care of our skin is by applying a sunscreen , moisturiser, taking a lot of water and anti-oxidants.

To brighten your skin, you can opt for our in-house treatments that will help your skin to glow

1). Glow Peels

These peels help get rid of dead & dull skin, bringing a fresher look to the face.

2). Photofacial

We use state of the art Lumines IPL Technology to help you with patchy and uneven skin tone. It brings a lasting glow that everyone can notice.

The Lumines IPL is used by some of the best clinics all over the world.

3). Skin Polishing Treatments

In  our advanced skin polishing treatment, we use a very high-end Microdermabrasion to gently exfoliate the top dead layer of your skin. Next, we hydrate your skin deeply with the finest serums that we procure especially from world over.

Our skin polishing is a combination of a hygienic medical facial and pampering.

4). Meso Therapy

To make your skin glow from withing, we infuse your dermis with special meso-solutions which help your skin in healing, repair and hydration.

5). PRP Therapy

  • We utilise the human body’s immense potential and convert it into the elixir of PRP.
  • Platelet-Rich Plasma is the all natural treatment full of growth factors which heals your skin and makes it glow.